District Policies

Number Policy Name
Date of Passage
A1 1/8/15
A20 Board Meetings, Agenda Preparation & Distribution 2/27/19
A21 Public Participation at Board Meetings 1/7/19
A22 Notice of Non-Discrimination 9/12/06

Role and Adoption of School Board Policies

a. The Role of Policy

b. Policy Development and Adoption

c. Policy Dissemination, Administration & Review


A31 Board Member Education 11/14/06
A32 Board Goal-Setting and Evaluation 11/14/06
A33 School Visits by Board Members 11/14/06
A34 Board Relations with School Personnel 11/14/06
B1 Substitute Teachers 11/14/06
B2 Volunteers and Work Study Students 1/17/19
B3 Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace
B4 Drug and Alcohol Testing of Transportation Employees 11/14/06
B5 Prevention of Employee Harassment 10/20/14
B6 HIPPA Compliance 12/3/18
B7 Tobacco Prohibition 12/3/18
B8 Electronic Communications Between Employees and Students 7/27/20
B20 Personnel Recruitment, Selection, Appointment, and Background Checks 11/14/06
B21 Professional Development 11/14/06

Complaints About:

a.  Personnel

b.  Instructional Materials




B30 Staffing and Job Descriptions 11/14/06
B31 Educator Supervision and Evaluation: Probationary Teachers 12/12/06
B32 Personnel Files 11/14/06
B33 Resignations 11/14/06
C1 Student Records 2/27/19

Student Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Procedures for Dealing with Issues of use and/or Possession of Alcohol, Drugs & Paraphernalia



C3 Transportation 2/27/19
C4 Limited English Proficiency Students 3/13/07
C5 Firearms 12/17/18
C6 Home Study Students 3/13/07
C7 Student Attendance 2/7/11
C8 Pupil Privacy 4/9/07
C9 Nutrition and Wellness 6/2/16
C10 Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students 11/18/20
C11 Student Freedom of Expression in School Sponsored Media 12/17/18
C12 Prevention of Sexual Harassment as Prohibited by Title IX 10/5/20
C13 Homeless Students 11/16/20
C20 Student Conduct and Discipline 11/3/08
C21 Search and Seizure of Students by School Personnel 1/9/07
C24 Interscholastic Sports 12/20/10
C25 Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students 3/13/07
C26 Tuition Payment (see C25)  
C29 District Equity Policy 11/16/20
C30 Student Medication 2/13/07
C31 Admission of Resident Students 2/13/07
C32 Eighteen Year-Old Students 3/13/07
C33 Student Assessment 3/13/07
C34 Restraint and Seclusion 12/5/11
D1 Proficiency-Based Graduation Requirements (PBGRs) 11/19/18

Responsible Computer Internet & Network Use

Responsible Use Procedure


D4 Title One Comparability 11/2/15
D5 Animal Dissection 12/17/18
D6 Class Size Policy 11/2/15
D20 Curriculum Development and Coordination 9/12/06
D21 Educational Support SyD22stem 4/9/07
  Modes of Instruction During State of Emergency Due to COVID-19 Pandemic 9/9/20
D31 Selecting Library Materials 4/9/07
D32 Selection of Instructional Materials 4/9/07
E1 Title One Parent Involvement Compacts 1/14/13
E20 Community Use of School Facilities 11/19/07
E30 School -Community Relations 10/1/07
E31 Parental Involvement (see E1)  
F1 Travel Reimbursement 4/3/17
F20 Fiscal Management and General Financial Accountability 12/12/06
F21 Financial Reports and Statements 12/8/06
F22 Electronic Communications Use and Retention  
F23 Capitalization of Assets 4/3/17
F24 Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Procurement 4/3/17
F30 Budgeting 12/12/06
F33 HIV Policy 1/9/07