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District Equity Statement

Springfield School District (SSD) commits to providing a just, accessible, humane, and equitable teaching and learning environment, within and outside the school walls. SSD prioritizes global education with a focus on developing young people who are active participants in the creation of a just world, including, but not limited to, environmental justice, racial justice, and economic justice. SSD acknowledges the existence of systemic injustices, related to and beyond racism, sexism, and ableism, and actively works to dismantle them.


This means that the School District strives to create a school/district environment where:

  • all students are safe;
  • all students’ needs are met;
  • all students’ voices, histories, and life experiences are valued;
  • all students are prepared to participate meaningfully within and beyond Springfield Community; 
  • instructional approaches and curricula in every classroom reflect diverse histories and experiences and address issues of structural inequality; 
  • and, all school staff members and administrators are committed to implementing equitable policies and practices.