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Central Office Staff

Who to contact at the District Offices:

 District Phone   802-885-5141  
 District Fax    802-885-8169  
Superintendent Dr. Zach McLaughlin 885-5109
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent Colleen Amaya 885-5109
Director of Special Services Kelly Ryan 885-5122
Administrative Assistant Tammy Slade 885-5121
Secretary/Medicaid Coord Jennifer Beers 885-5106
District Psychologist Dr. Kristen Hurd 885-5119
Director of Fiscal Services Richard Pembroke 885-8391
Human Resource Manager Pam Cavicchi 885-5127
Bookkeeper, Accounts Payable Jennifer Beers 885-5123
Bookkeeper, Payroll Josh Dikeman 885-5125
Administrative Assistant to the Business Office Martha Tarbell 885-5120
Accountant Karen McNamara  
Medicaid Billing Clerk Leslie Graham 885-5106
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction    
& Assessment David Cohn 885-5112
Transportation Coordinator Lisa Hall 885-5118
Harassment & Non-Discrimination Coordinator David Cohn 885-5112
For Questions/Information Contact    
Accounts Payable Jennifer Beers 885-5123
Benefits Pam Cavicchi 885-5127
Payroll Josh Dikeman 885-5125
Professional Study & Conference Requests Martha Tarbell 885-5120
Purchase Orders Martha Tarbell 885-5120
Workers’ Comp Martha Tarbell 885-5120
Hiring:  Teachers, Admin., Coaches Colleen Amaya 885-5109
Hiring:  Support Staff Pam Cavicchi 885-5127