RMS and Elm Hill Closed Tomorrow

Good evening Riverside and Elm Hill parents and staff,

This is Zach McLaughlin, your Superintendent. I apologize for the late call, but I felt it was important to get you this information this evening. I have just come from meeting with some of our building administrators, and I need to announce that Riverside Middle School and Elm Hill school will be closed tomorrow. There are just too many staff out in key positions to be able to open safely. COVID continues to hit us hard. 

I apologize for the late notice, and I am sorry that we will not be able to open those two schools tomorrow.

Please note that this will not affect Union Street School or Springfield High School. Those two schools will be open.

Thanks for your attention and again my apologies for the late call. I hope that our school community will be in a healthier position next week.

All the best to you and your families. Have a good night.