Statement on National Social Media Threat to Schools

Parents, students, faculty and staff of Springfield School District,

On the afternoon of Dec. 15, 2021, school leaders throughout Vermont received a communication from Secretary of Education, Dan French, regarding some non-credible school-based threats that are circulating on the TikTok social media platform.

These posts have made their way into Vermont, and other states in our region are reporting similar social media activity. These posts describe the potential for school-based violence on Friday, December 17th, 2021. We want to stress again, at this time there is no credibility to any of these threats. The Vermont Intelligence Center and our law enforcement partners across the state will continue to monitor this situation and keep us updated if anything changes.

If you believe your child is active on social media and you feel it’s appropriate, please have a conversation with them to make them aware of this situation. As always, if you have any school safety concerns, we encourage you to contact your local law enforcement agency to make them aware of this information. We take these types of situations very seriously and collaborate closely with all of our school safety stakeholders to provide an open, safe and welcoming environment. The safety of your children and our staff is our number one priority.




Dr. Zach McLaughlin

Superintendent of Schools