Budget Information

Below is the Audit Report for FY19 from RHR Smith & Company, CPAs
Below is information and materials presented to the School Board and Budget Advisory Committee on November 20, 2019.  These materials will be updated as appropriate throughout the process prior to approval by the Board in mid-January.
If you have questions about any of this material, please feel free to reach out to a school board member, CFO Rick Pembroke, or Superintendent Zach McLaughlin.  
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Welcome to the information page for the Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) budget process. Our goal is to create a variety of resources to help our school community understand and knowledgeably discuss our possible budget for next year.
___________Materials After Failed Vote___________________________________
This is a digital copy of the budget summary postcard that is being mailed to voters.

Vermont School Funding System by the Vermont School Board’s Association (added 12/4/18–originally created 11/6/17)

School Board Meeting 12/3/18 (added 12/6/18)

___________Videos After Failed Vote_________________

School Board Meeting 3/11/19 (added 4/9/19)

This meeting includes a discussion on the failed budget voted and possible steps forward. The budget conversation starts at the 12:08 mark in the recording.

School Board Meeting 3/14/19 (added 4/9/19)

This meeting includes more budget discussion. This includes the superintendent’s suggested next steps, potential budget cut targets, and an information campaign with the community. The budget dialogue starts at the 1:55 mark in the recording.

School Board Meeting 3/18/19 (added 4/9/19) (MINUTES ONLY)

While no SAPA-TV recording exists for this meeting, the minutes are available by clicking above. Budget topics include the board discusses the potential prioritized cut list and potential voter confusion due to the wording of the school budget article.

School Board Meeting 3/19/19 (added 4/9/19)

During this meeting, the board comes to a decision about the next budget number that will be sent to voters for the second vote. The dialogue includes discussion of high school class sizes, Vermont school funding rules, administrative costs, ways to consider reductions, instructional coaches, and central office cuts. The conversation starts at the 2:05 mark of the recording.

Puggy’s Corner (filmed on 3/29; added 4/9/19)

On this episode of SAPA TV’s Puggy’s Corner, Superintendent Zach McLaughlin, Chief Financial Officer Rick Pembroke, and School Board Chair Ed Caron discuss the new budget proposal for the 2nd Budget vote on Tuesday, April 30th. Total Running Time 57 minutes.