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Strategic Plan

School and community stakeholders engaged in strategic planning driven by a desire to ensure that every student in the Springfield School District needs an opportunity to learn and prepare for their future hopes, dreams, and to develop as responsible and productive citizens. We strongly believe that we must be strategic in accomplishing these goals. The fulfillment of our mission cannot be left to chance.

In addition, changing demographics and scarce fiscal resources are creating new challenges for all of us. We have great pride in our schools and communities. Yet, we must become even more creative and intentional in how we go about our business of educating children and youth if we are to sustain success. This Strategic Plan is intended to provide a map to frame future implementation efforts in ways that accomplish challenging goals with efficient and wise use of resources.

In fall 2008 the Springfield School Board voted to commence the development of a five-year strategic plan. The process started in February 2009 with a public forum involving approximately seventy people who explored two important foundational topics important to strategic planning. The first was to establish a clear understanding of the current realities and current status of the students and staff within the Springfield School District. The second area stretched the group thinking about future financial, social, technological and demographic trends and the potential implications of these trends on our schools. This forum resulted in collaboratively identifying the most important areas for strategic planning. Approximately 130citizens, parents, faculty, administrators, and staff volunteered to serve in developing the strategic plan. From the inception, the Focus Group planners worked diligently over seven months in developing goals, strategies, indicators of progress, resources and time lines that addressed the Mission and each of the focus areas. This document represents a culmination of the work of these devoted and public spirited individuals. This work serves both as a call for school board action in considering it for formal adoption and as a guide to chart the work of individual administrators and staff in implementing specific strategies.

Download the complete Strategic Plan for 2009-2014 here.