School Board Members

Michael Griffin, Chair

21 Douglas Street, Springfield, VT 05156
Phone: 802-280-7891

Jeanice Garfield, Member

555 Highland Road, Springfield, VT 05156
Phone: 802-885-4203

Stephen Karaffa, Clerk

Plain Hill Road, Springfield, VT 05156
Phone: 802-886-2932

Troy Palmer, Vice Chair

111 Massey Road, Springfield, VT 05156
Phone: 802-885-7805



The Springfield School District has contracted with Stevens & Associates for obtaining a development study of the Park Street School.  The following study is intended to provide prospective developers with an overview of the building, including the challenges and opportunities inherent in redeveloping the school.  For the complete report, please choose the following:  Park Street School Marketing Plan Report  The cash flow and proforma reports are available upon request by calling the Superintendent’s office at 802-885-5109.


If you are interested in volunteering for a School Board Committee, please complete this form and return it to the Superintendent’s Office.   Thank you!

School Board Committee Application

Governing Board Meetings


School Board Meeting

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

6:30 pm

Park Street Conference Room


The Board regularly meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Springfield High School Library. Staff members are encouraged to attend Board meetings.  Other special meetings are scheduled as necessary.


The Springfield School Board encourages public participation at its meetings. All meetings of the School Board or its subcommittees will comply with the Vermont Open Meeting Law. All actions of the School Board shall take place in open session and the deliberations leading to Board action shall likewise be conducted openly, except matters discussed in Executive Session. When the pressure of Board business is severe, or when a large number of people wish to speak on matters before the Board, reasonable rules may be used to insure that meetings are conducted in an orderly fashion and that the business before the Board is completed in a timely manner.

The Board will provide opportunities for public participation at its meetings prior to board action on any item on the Board agenda in accordance with procedures developed by the Board.

Belief Statements and Goals of the 2009-2014 Strategic Plan

Belief Statements

We believe that:

    1. Students will learn in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe,  respectful, nurturing, and challenging;
    1. Students must demonstrate intellectual curiosity, an appreciation for learning, high levels of achievement, and responsible behavior;
    1. All students must have equal access to learning opportunities;
    1. Students, parents, and educators share responsibility for learning;
    1. The school district is a model of ethical responsibility for the community;
    1. It is important to have strong communications among the schools, community, and town government;
    1. Schools and community work together to create a supportive environment for young people;
    1. Teachers are responsible for maintaining the highest standards of their profession;
    1. Dedicated, inspired, and motivated staff are necessary to deliver high quality education services;
    1. Springfield can provide a quality education that is both fiscally responsible and affordable;
    1. The school district is accountable for positive and meaningful results;
    1. Focused professional development and best practice drives student achievement;
  1. Functional, clean, and up-to-date facilities foster optimum learning.

Goal #1  100% of Springfield students will graduate from high school.

Goal #2  Continue to maintain and improve existing and new facilities, playgrounds, nature trails, and outdoor spaces, which are integral to the creation of an optimal education environment, and provide access for community participation.

Goal #3  Each student will be teamed with an adult who will support and advocate for them through their middle school and high school years.

Goal #4  Every student will be supported in developing a personal learning plan starting in middle school.

Goal #5  Provide structures and systems to support educators and school leaders to perform their best work.

Goal #6  Strengthen school and community connections.