District Policies

District Policies are posted for you convenience, however they may not be completely up to date. Check with the central office for the latest version if you need absolute accuracy. These copies are here for your convenience and should not be used for legal reference.

Policy Maintenance

A1 The Role of Policy
A2 Policy Development and Adoption
A3 Policy Dissemination, Administration and Review-New

Board Membership

B1(a) Election of School Board Members, Terms of Office
B2 Board Goal-Setting and Self-Evaluation
B1 Board Member Education
B3 – School Board Conflict of Interest

Board Procedures

C6 Board Commitment to Non-Discrimination
C5 Board Relations with School Personnel
C2R Regular Board Meetings
C2 Board Meetings
C3 Public Participation at Board Meetings
C101 Board Committees
C1 Board Meeting Agenda Preparation and Distribution-New


D1 Personnel Recruitment, Selection, Appointment Criminal Record Checks
D2 Mandatory-Professional Development
D3 Staffing Job Descriptions
D5 Personnel Files
D4 Educator Supervision and Evaluation– Probationary Teachers
D6 – Substitute Teachers
D7 Volunteer and Work Study Students
D8 – Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace
D9 Resignations
D10 Public Complaints About Personnel
D11 – Drug and Alcohol Testing -Transportation Employees
D12 – Employee Harassment
D-13 Health Insurance Portability
D18 Administration in Policy Absence
D19 Benefits for Non-Unionized Employees

Business and Instructional Operation

E1 Fiscal Management and General Financial Accountability
E2 Budgeting
E3 Financial Reports and Statements
E4 Risk Management
E5 Emergency Closings
E8 Tobacco Prohibition

E-10 Travel Reimbursement Policy

E11 Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Procurement Policy

E12 Capitalization of Assets Policy

Student District Policies

F1 Student Conduct and Discipline
F1 Comprehensive Plan 8-16-10
F3 Search and Seizure
F4 Interrogation-Searches of Students
F5 – Education Records
F6 Student Medication
F7 – Student Alcohol and Drugs
F7-R Procedures for Dealing with Issues of Use and or Possession of Alcohol, Drugs and Parapanaelia
F8 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect
F9 – Transportation Policy

F10 School Board Policy for Kindergarten
F12 Interscholastic Sports
F13 Admission of Resident Students
F14 Admission of Non-Resident Tuition Students
F15 Student Publications
F17 Head Lice
F18 Eighteen Year-Old Students
F19 – Limited English Proficiency Students
F21 Firearms

F22 Student Assessment
F23 – Participation of Home Study Students
F25 – Student Attendance
F26 Restrictive Behavioral Intervention
F27 – Pupil Privacy Rights
F30 – Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying – POLICY

F30 – Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying – PROCEDURE
F-101 Idling of Vehicles When Present on School Premises
F-102 Minimum and Optimal Supervisory Union and District-wide Average Class Size Policy

School-Community Relations

H1 School Community Relations
H3 Community Use of Facilities
H4 Advertising, Solicitation, Fundraising and Gifts
H6 Annual School Reports
H7 – Title I, Part A Parental Involvement Policy
H101 Control of School Property, Buildings & Grounds


G1 Curriculum Development & Coordination Mandatory
G2 Use of Copyrighted Work
G3 Field Trips, Travel or Exchange Programs
G4 Selection of Library Materials
G5 Selecting Instructional Materials
G6 Complaints About Instructional Material-Clean
G7 Educational Support System
G8 Local Action Plans
G10 Special Education
G11 – Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources & the Internet
G12 – Title I Comparability Policy
G13 Animal Dissection Policy
G14 – Class Size