Policy on the Prevention of Hazing, Harassment or Bullying of Students

The Springfield School District recognizes that all students should have a safe, orderly, civil and positive learning environment. Hazing, Harassment and Bullying or HHB are forms of dangerous and disrespectful behavior that will not be permitted or tolerated. HHB may involve a range of misconduct that, based on the severity, will warrant corrective action and/or discipline. Behaviors that do not rise to the level of HHB may still be subject to intervention and/or discipline under another section of the discipline plan or policy.

To see model procedures click this link:  edu-healthy-safe-schools-hhb-model-procedures

You can review our complete policy on: F30 – Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying – POLICY.


Equity Coordinator for District:

David Cohn, Central Office

Elm Hill:

Christine Pereira and Becky Spaulding

Union Street School:

Chari McAllister, Jan Rounds, and Gerry Weeks

Riverside Middle School:

Steve Cone and Pollyanna Bladyka

Springfield High School:

Corrie Haskell and Jason Touchette